Your Auto Glass Questions Answered

We know you’ve got questions about your auto glass service. You want this problem fixed quickly and fixed right. Here’s the answers to our most common questions.

Fix it or replace it?
Each repair varies but typically we can repair quarter-sized rock chips and cracks up to three inches long. Anything bigger and we will likely recommend replacement. Contact us for information about your specific repair today.

How does the insurance process work?
Most insurance companies include auto glass repairs in their coverage. We handle all your insurance paperwork for you to make it as easy as possible and you pay only the deductible. You will never be billed for any unpaid balance. Even if the insurance company pays us less than we have previously agreed upon, we will continue to negotiate with them, not you, for settlement of the invoice. Read more here.

Will an auto glass insurance claim raise my insurance premiums?
Usually not, but it depends on your insurance provider and you driving record. Best to check with your agent prior to making a claim if you’re concerned.

How long will my repair take?
A full windshield replacement typically takes 2-3 hours. Rock chip repairs take about 20 minutes. For the most convenient service possible schedule your appointment to come in or to use our FREE vehicle pickup and delivery service.

How does the FREE vehicle pickup and delivery service work?
If you are within the Yakima area (20 mile radius) schedule your FREE pickup and delivery. We’ll come to your home or workplace, pickup your car and return it with a completed repair before you need to drive again. It’s that simple.

Do you use OEM Glass?
All of our glass is built according to OEM specifications with the highest quality grade.

What’s the quality of work you do?
Our technicians are required to pass annual industry certifications. With years of experience you can be assured your repair is done right. We guarantee our workmanship for the lifetime ownership of your vehicle.

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