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We do all the work for you!

When you need to replace or repair your auto glass, CALL US FIRST! Deciding where to take your vehicle and how to handle your insurance claim can be an intimidating experience.

Here at Johnson’s Auto Glass of Yakima we work directly with all insurance companies to make this process as quick and efficient as possible. Start to finish we handle all your insurance needs making the process as painless as possible

Choosing Your Windshield Replacement Specialist
Washington State Law allows you to take your repair or replacement business wherever you choose. By calling us first, we can help you avoid the pressure that some insurance companies try to put on you to use a shop of their choice.

Filing a Claim
We handle all the intimidating and annoying paperwork for you. Just call or email us to set up your initial quote and we will take care of your insurance company’s billing and accompanying paperwork. We work directly with insurance companies so you can rest assured that your claim will be handled in the most efficient and expedient manner.

Replacement Guarantees
Insurance companies DO NOT GUARANTEE WORK, only the repair shop guarantees work. We guarantee our glass replacement for the lifetime ownership of your vehicle, and have been providing this guarantee for over 70 years.

Costs and Deductibles
At Johnson’s Auto Glass, you pay only the deductible. You will never be billed for any unpaid balance. Even if the insurance company pays us less than we have previously agreed upon, we will continue to negotiate with them, not you, for settlement of the invoice.

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