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Windshield Replacement

We provide complete auto glass windshield replacements. Your car windshield is such a critically important component of your cars structural integrity, the use of proper installation techniques and the strongest, most effective sealant materials is crucial.

If your windshield is not installed properly using FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) certified materials, there can be severe injuries incurred in accidents where the improperly installed or adhered windshield ejects and causes, as in the case of a roll over, the roof to collapse.

Passenger side air bags, present in most late model cars, present another safety consideration for glass installation. While providing another measure of safety for vehicle occupants, in the case of accidents, airbags rely on the windshield to be used as a “back board” to bounce off before protecting the passenger. If an improperly installed or sealed windshield ejects upon impact, it prevents the airbag from being deployed effectively.

Rock Chip Repair

Fortunately, not all damage to your windshield requires replacement. If a rock hits your windshield and creates a chip that does not obstruct your line of vision, there is an alternative.

If the chip has not progressed or “run” beyond its ability to be repaired, we can use our tri-glass rock chip repair system to seal the existing damage and prevent further damage. This does not, however, completely remove all visible signs of the chip, but prevents it from expanding further. By inspecting your vehicle, our technicians can help you determine whether chip repair or windshield replacement is the best option for you.

Since most insurance companies would prefer that you repair, not replace, they will, in most cases, waive your deductible for rock chip repairs and will cover the cost of the repair.